2015 Ford F50

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The u. S. Auto industry’s top selling model for all vehicle types, the full-size ford f-150 pickup truck ( 2013 model shown on high of ) is scheduled to be given a significantvictory. “the syrian regime has redesign regarding the 2015 model year that might begin to find dealers’ showrooms by midyear 2014. Whereas the new f-150 is anticipated to take intensive use of lighter-weight materials and employ myriad style components and technologies to actually help increase its fuel economy, we don’t expect subsequent generation truck will just be downsized or otherwise radically recast. The 2015 f-150 can possible stay an enormous and burly-looking truck with daring and purposeful styling that features a full assortment of cab designs, wheelbases, and bed lengths. Trim levels can possible vary from work-truck basic to actually full-blown luxury posh to actually suit most any pickup buyer. We anticipate it’ll proceed to come back powered by a choice of powerful v6 and v8 engines, with many new features being added in the already exhaustive list of on the market amenities.

When loading in objects, he said Ford F-150 customers prefer rear-hinged doors, but he’d like to see a few changes to them, namely the angle at which the doors swing open. In current SuperCab models, the rear-hinged doors open up at 90 degrees; Scott said he’d like to see them open at a full 180 degrees. The current setup can make it difficult for passengers to get out with both doors on the side open in a tight parking lot, sometimes trapping them; we even pointed this out in our own Ford F-150 review. The 180-degree setup would allow an easier exit.

Trucks from Chrysler’s Ram division offer front-hinged doors on their full-size trucks with extended cabs, and General Motors is switching from rear-hinged to front-hinged small doors on extended cab models for 2014. This allows them to put a pillar in the middle, helping with structural bracing in crash testing. Scott admits that helps, but he didn’t go so far as to say it’s necessary to pass federal crash safety standards.

Ford Atlas Concept Rear Lift 300×187 imageThe marketing manager said some ideas from the Ford Atlas pickup, reviewed at the 2013 North American International Auto Show, would make their way to both the 2015 Ford F-150 and the Super Duty models, going into detail about its tailgate-mounted lift for carrying longer objects on its roof rack. But, sadly, the Atlas was just the stuff of concepts, a signal for Ford’s future pickup truck direction but not, as Ford spokespeople also said, a clear look at the next-generation full-size truck.

Still, it’s anticipated that the next F-150 will herald other innovations like an aluminum-intensive weight-savings plan and perhaps even in-bed storage along the lines of the RamBox. We’ll know soon enough, as the 2015 Ford F-Series nears its introduction, anticipated to be next January’s Detroit Auto Show.

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